Cloudflare is rapidly rolling out its email forwarding service to those who have signed up for the beta. It is a great way to get an email address on your domain. However, there is one problem. They don’t offer an outbound email server, so there is no way to send email from your domain.

However, you can set up a Gmail account to send email using these addresses.

GOCOM and COTRE radios are based on the AUCTUS A6 SOC which is a derivative of the RDA cell phone SOCs, like the RDA 8809. You can use the tools for these RDA chips can be used to flash firmware on these radios. The radios include a debug port with full control over the device and can be used to completely rewrite the flash on the device. The procedure will even work with bricked radios and those which are password protected.
In addition to the normal buttons, knobs and screens used in the AUCTUS A6 DMR radios, there exist a second and third interface for these radios. One is used by the CPS software to read and write the codeplug to the radio. But there is another interface where the radio can be controlled through AT commands.